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Roku minikeyboard component not announcing initially...

I have created a roku minikeyboard component. And i have turned on accessibility. When the component displays , it is not announcing the letter "A" but when we scroll over the keyboard the other letters are announcing.
If i press back(without exiting from application), then again take the particular component it is announcing the letter "A" and other characters when focus is changing? I don't understand why this is happening like this?????
NB:- throughout the application in the beginning we have turned off the inbuilt announcement of roku. But when i am loading this component I have turned on the inbuilt announcement.

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Re: Roku minikeyboard component not announcing initially...

I use an old Blackberry Classic as my Roku mini remote. With that ancient cell phone makes a great Roku keyboard.

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Re: Roku minikeyboard component not announcing initially...

It is not about is about accessibility in ROKU device.

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Re: Roku minikeyboard component not announcing initially...

I'm not following you, but this sounds like a developer question.  You might have better luck here:

Just don't get your hopes up.

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