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Roku Guts Channel Store Listings

As of August 26, 2023, it appears Roku has again reconfigured the "Streaming Store."  This time, it has gutted categories which once had 400+ active channels down to 200 max.  Even categories with fewer channels got gutted.  We had a channel that was ranked No. 12 in the Travel category called "Bikini Adventures" and now poof... its gone.  (It's still available on the www channel store but what good is that really?)    

Does anyone have a clue what is is going on?  Whose channels made the cut?  Why do you think you were spared?

Seems Roku continues to be focused on squeezing out all the independent developers in favor of the big corporate types.  Shame. 

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Re: Roku Guts Channel Store Listings

I was just thinking on this the other day. I see all the channel store links changing in the back end on all channels developed too!

I believe they are getting rid of all the dead channels wasting space and not doing anything. The sunsetting of Direct puiblisher channels and asking for all to convert to SDK by Jan or channels will be deleted will clear alot of hosting space and data for them. Non subscribtion channels and non Ad revenue  producing channels will not be a loss to them!

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Re: Roku Guts Channel Store Listings

It sure seems like Roku is gutting themselves, but I digress.

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Re: Roku Guts Channel Store Listings

I was just saying the same thing not too long ago. There are a lot of dead channels out there.

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Re: Roku Guts Channel Store Listings

Re: dead channels, that’s true. I’ve been doing a lot of searching lately. I’ll happen across a title that grabs my curiosity but it’ll be on some channel I have to install that I’ve never heard about. Once I install it, there’s nothing even on the channel. Go figure. I mean as a non developer I have no real idea what this never-before-heard-of channels even are but apparently they aren’t anything. 

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