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Roku Firmware V8.0 Smart Guide Issue

In 7.5 the TimeGrid implementation was working fine, updating to 8.0 causes a bug where tapping right all the way to the edge of the TimeGrid causes the TimeGrid to become unresponsive with no more content being displayed and moving the Grid to a random time... anyone know what the issue with this is? Thanks! 
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Level 7

Re: Roku Firmware V8.0 Smart Guide Issue

Hi Everyone ,cheers to all,
I wanted to know how to implement TimeGrid  view in roku .
The Roku team has mentioned TimeGrid(EPG) view in 2 places . ... lysis+Tool ... Management

Please let me know , how to make the EPG view , similar to the ones in Roku TV after OS 8.0 update

Thanks In Advance
Sechin Sunny
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