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Roku Billing Services

I have set up a channel to play video and uploaded it to Roku . I have set up a monthly subscription for the channel, a test user(myself) and set it up for billing testing. The channel is set to "Customers will pay before installing my channel". When I install the channel on my roku device using the access code it installs correctly. If I open and click on a video the Subscription comes up saying monthly subscription 2.99 when selected it then says purchasing subscription it then asks for my pin and then it hangs on purchasing subscription

But it does set up a subscription which shows up in the test users transactions and shows in manage subscription when you click options on the channel

..But when you go into the channel and play a video it says no available subscriptions to purchase please check your account for previously purchased products with one option OK which does nothing and there I am stuck and so is the channel

I have no Roku billing code in the channel as  "Customers will pay before installing my channel" I assume Roku is handling all of this, it seems this is half working but do I need billing code in the channel? or not after all the device knows it is me logged on, it accepts my pin and it says I have a subscription any hints?

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