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Roku conversion software

I am writing software for Linux (Ultimate Edition Linux in particular) to automate conversion of video to Roku Format.

Input formats supported (10/25/2020) - supports SMP (multi-core technology):
# let's stop pissing around and break out arrays for handling multiple formats.
EXTENSIONS=( "mkv" "avi" "mp4" "m4v" "mpg" "mpeg" "mts" "wmv" "vob" "3gp" "flv" "mov" "webm" );
ALLEXTENSIONS=( "mkv" "avi" "mp4" "m4v" "mpg" "mpeg" "mts" "wmv" "vob" "3gp" "flv" "mov" "webm" );
VIDEOCODECSSUPPORTED=( "X264" "x265" "H.264/AVC" "HEVC/H.265" "VP9" );
QUALITY=( "sd" "hd" "fhd" "qhd" "dvd" "bluray" "4k" "8k"); # Optional video output quality - human readable
RESOLUTION=( "720x480" "1280x720" "1920x1080" "2560x1440" "720×480" "1920×1080" "3840x2160" "7680x4320" ); # Like a database QUALITY Array=BluRAY, array RESOLUTION[6]=1920x1080

I do not have it working 100% yet, but **bleep** close, I do build Operating Systems & write software:
Roku Ripper (roku-ripper) 1.0.6, 01/14/2020
GNU roku-ripper home page: <>.
E-mail bug reports to: <>.Be sure to include the word roku-ripper somewhere in the Subject: field.
Usage: roku-ripper -<-COMMAND> [OPTION]

Mandatory arguments to long options are identical for short options.

possible commands...

-c --convert makes video(s) ©Roku compatible.

-f --filenamesonly renames video files based on folder name.

-h --help this help message.

-i --info displays information about video.

-m --merge merges multiple video(s).

-R --recursive recursively converts video to ©Roku format.

-v --version dump version info and exit.

-V --videotag recursively tag videos and exit.

They should be paying me Smiley Wink

Running Linux and want to test it? 

I am the Leading Developer and CEO of Ultimate Edition Linux

It does not scrap your video if it fails:
Source duration: 24 min 12 s equals destination: 24 min 12 s
Conversion complete: The IT Crowd - S04E06 - Reynholm vs. Reynholm.mkv. Clearing Temp file: /tmp/roku-ripper.95eye.avi
Video(s) currently processed: 6 of 6
Recursive is the last to get working then it will rip into 1,000's at a time.

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