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Roku Billing Question For In Channel Subscription

I recently updated my channel and changed it from a pay to install channel to a channel with an in channel product (Subscription with 7 day Trial).

I was wondering how my prior customers will be handled? When I look at the transactions report, every transaction seems to be for $0.00. It doesn't appear that prior subscribers are be recharged this month, are they updated and given a 7 day trial and then charged?
I assumed that existing subscribers would continue to be charged as normal, but are they ask to signup again and given a trial period before the next charge?

There are also transactions listed with $0.00 amounts and no product id, and no original purchase date, yet it lists the transaction as a sale, are these users who just install the channel and elect not to try the trial?

I know it's early in the month, so this may make more sense as we progress but it's a little odd to me at this time.

Thanks for any help you can offer.
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