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Level 9

Re: Remove Progress Bar

"sparkerman" wrote:
What is the best way to show captions using the roVideoPlayer? I was able to show captions using the other method via a JSON feed but from what I read about roVideoPlayer the captions need to be called out.

This blog post should help with that: ... evelopers/
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Level 10

Re: Remove Progress Bar

"sparkerman" wrote:
"destruk" wrote:
Another idea is to combine all the videos in your playlist into a single video - then the buffer bar would only show up when the entire video finishes to loop the single video.

If I didn't have to add captions that would work great. With all the clips together it is about 1 hour in length. The clips have a tendency to change and the boss like to change the order at the last minute too. Rendering a new 1 hour clip is to much work not to mention editing a 1 hour .srt file with all new timecode!

if the captions are always going to be "on" - you could burn the captions into the video instead of using caption files, or use two copies of the video - one with burned in captions and one without.
Based on your situation, I'm sure you'll pick whatever you feel most comfortable with - some solutions just aren't practical.
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