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Registry Data Lost On Update of Submitted App

I recently submitted an update to an app and Roku's team pushed the update through. Upon the update going live, it appears that users are logged out of our app. In our case the registration information is stored locally in the Roku registry, so if a user is deemed to be logged out, it means the program searched for user data in the registry and found none.

The question is this: Does performing an update to an app somehow clear the registry?

From the docs:

The Registry provides a means for an application to write and read small amounts of data such as settings, scores, etc. The data persists even if the user exits the application and even if the player is rebooted. Registry data is removed only when the application explicitly removes it, the user uninstalls the application, which remove the registry for the application, or the user performs a factory reset, which removes the registry for all applications.

In our case, the application is not explicitly removing data, and there were no factory resets. So, I wonder if performing an update to an app is equivalent to a user uninstalling and re-installing the app? Any thoughts?
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Re: Registry Data Lost On Update of Submitted App

In order for a channel update to be able to access the same registry information, it has to be signed with the same key. It sounds like you probably signed the update with a different key, so existing user data is no longer accessible to the channel.
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