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Channel Surfer

Register/Link/Wordpress/InstantTV plugin

I made a test channel as a demo using the 'videoplayer' example in the SDK with no issues, now I'd like to setup Rendezvous registration with some existing WordPress users - I found the irchan plugin provided by InstantTV, which provides a way to link the WordPress users with the Roku device credentials and store them on S3 - what it does not provide is an example of connecting the Roku channel with the plugin, just some documentation about the theory:

I'm currently trying to rework the 'register' RokuSDK sample, specifically the regScreen.brs file to implement this, but wondered if someone had an existing example of working with their plugin.

Any example or feedback? Tried the plugin but went with a better method? Thanks.
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Channel Surfer

Re: Register/Link/Wordpress/InstantTV plugin

I would like to know how to do this as well..

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