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Regarding Loopholes to Satellite Broadcast

Recently I have the ambition to recreate a long defunct Satellite station, the reason I want to use a Satellite station as opposed to a direct Online Stream is because I'm trying to revive a long defunct Satellite station which relied on downloaded content via use of a 3rd Party device. In other words, the 3rd Party device relies on a specific Satellite channel in order to function, which has long been defunct.

I was wondering if there's any loopholes with Roku and possibly Sirius XM to host a Satellite station on Roku. The station wouldn't be a live broadcast, it would simply make use of an emulator to revive the old 3rd Party device and make it functional again. I was wondering if any has a little insight in to this type of thing, whether it's possible or if it's too costly to acquire the rights to a Satellite station. I'm not sure it's possible to host a Sirius station with enabled video as well, which would be a requirement if that's the only route to choose from. Any advice is appreciated thanks
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Regarding Loopholes to Satellite Broadcast

You'll have to provide more info that that for anyone to really understand what you are attempting to do, I would suggest you send me a PM with more details if you don't want to reveal all your ideas in public and I'll see if it is feasible (though this sounds very much like a niche or hobbyist project from what you said). If you can run an emulator on a PC then users can stream content from their LAN to their Roku like they do with Plex and other media servers, so maybe your emulator of whatever hardware could be set up to do that.

- Joel
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