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Broadcast to find all of the Roku

Hello, I made a deep linking implementation in my app and now want to use it in my Android app, same as Youtube has feature `Watch on Roku`. But the problem is how to Find my Roku(or Rokus) in the local network. I tried to ping the broadcast or curl the /query/device-info (as described here), but nothing happened. What can I do to achieve this?

SSDP worked in combination with Wireshark, but using Wireshark is not a good idea, it needs to be done by code.
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Level 9

Re: Broadcast to find all of the Roku

You can broadcast SSDP M-SEARCH requests, or listen for SSDP NOTIFY responses, or send ECP requests to all hosts on the subnet.

I have some code in my VioletBug debugger GUI that uses all three methods:
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