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Recent firmware release broken SG native keyboard

Hi all

Seeing no characters on the Roku SceneGraph native keyboard in 1080p setting. ie. ui_resolutions=hd,fhd on 1080p UI supported Roku devices.

Dialog keyboard 720p: ... 0140_b.jpg

Dialog keyboard 1080p: ... 611f_b.jpg

Keyboard node 720p: ... c76b_b.jpg

Keyboard node 1080p: ... 9ccb_b.jpg

Seeing this on a Roku Ultra (US model) - 4640X
Software version: 7.5.1 - build 4111-29

To reproduce set your box to 1080p via Settings > Display type > 1080p HD TV

Side load the from the Roku dev blog.

Seeing the issue on the Dialog keyboard all types and the Keyboard node.


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Roku Guru

Re: Recent firmware release broken SG native keyboard

You mean when using that stock zip in 1080 mode, the keyboards from Dialogs and Widgets submenus dont show up?
I can't reproduce it on my Ultra. Does restart resolve it for you (e.g. if low memory)?
Can somebody else reproduce the issue?
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Re: Recent firmware release broken SG native keyboard

A new update was available when I just tried. Was reporting 7.5.1 last night. The Ultra I'm using is now on 7.6.0 - build 4113-29 and it's working fine now!

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