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RAF: Strange URL requests when using server-side ad stitching

I integrated RAF into my app that uses server side ad stitching, and now I see requests going out to and during playback. What are these requests? Why are they happening? They appear to be appended to the ad pods array I provide to RAF. They fire even if I disable Neilsen.

The request to video-ad-stats request has what appear to be undefined macro values in the query params

Actually it looks like the RAF is ignoring the ad data I provide using importAds and stitchedAdsInit, and is substituting a bunch of google ad stuff instead. Why?

using setAdPrefs(false,0) disabled the backfill ads from Roku, so mystery solved. But why is my seemingly well formed ad data rejected?
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: RAF: Strange URL requests when using server-side ad stitching

Try library as such does not make calls to, it must be from the backfilled ad pods.

I don't think you need importAds(), just stitchedAdsInit() - but are you passing the right structure to it? As described in Ad Structure
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