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RSG Video player issue on Paolo Devices


We have submitted our RSG app (FHD) for certification and its failing to play content on PAOLO Devices. After testing the app locally on Paolo 2500X device, we were able to reproduce the issue.

The error player throws is :
"Network error.  This could be caused by any of the following problems: (1) The server is down or unresponsive. (2) The server is unreachable. (3) There is a network setup issue on the client."

The device seems to have good internet connectivity.
Our app is FHD and uses a small screen video player on the home screen and when you click on it, it goes full screen. We noticed that if we try to manipulate video player dimensions the player fails to play any content. 

If I don't change any of the video node field's default value (height/Width) and let app play full screen, trick play enabled, UI enabled, It plays content fine but only some of the content. If we try to play multiple content, app fails to play and throws same error. Once we get the above error, We cant play any of the content and have to restart the app. Also if i try to replay one content multiple times, there is no issue and if i try different content one after another, player throws same error

We see this same issue for some of our others apps too on this device where app plays some pieces of content and it fails to play some of them and after it fails we have to restart the app.

Can any one help us resolve this issue?

Some More Info after trying multiple things:
It looks like Video node is unable to reset its content on the player side. 
When I tried to create new instance of VideoNode every time before playback, I was able to play all content without any issue. I don't know if this is a bug on this device. The device is running OS. 7.6.0 Build 4120-03
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Re: RSG Video player issue on Paolo Devices

Hi there, we are experiencing similar issues. Did you ever find a workaround? It appears when the video node is not full size video playback does not work.
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Roku Guru

Re: RSG Video player issue on Paolo Devices

I am somewhat confused by the explanation, detailed as it is. For example not sure what "multiple content" means - is it the use of content list or the re-use of Video node by setting a completely new content in it? Also is this happening in 7.7 now?
Can someone write a MCVE (Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example) about this that i can present to the video powers-that-be?
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Re: RSG Video player issue on Paolo Devices

For us, we are using the playlist feature of the video node.  I've only been able to verify the issue through emailing with users that are affected by the issue. The users are on the latest Firmware 7.7

I've ordered an older device and when it arrives I can provide more insight and a MCVE

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