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Protecting a Roku stream / web hotlinking

I would like to know how I can protect on the web a live stream that is being sent simultaneously to Roku AND a web site.

Here's what I want to do. I am broadcasting live from my studio. The stream is sent to my CDN, and then forwarded to my paid Roku channel. I have viewers who asked to use other devices like those Chromecast or FireTV things. I do encourage them to get a Roku ( Smiley LOL ) but at the same time, I don't want to lose potential viewers so I want to setup a member's area on my site, and display the stream to that paid section as well.

If I want to protect the stream and lock it to my own domain, how will it affect my Roku channel? I am afraid locking the stream to my domain will also prevent the Roku app from streaming properly since the app is outside my domain.

My question is: what domains should I be authorizing for the stream to work on both Roku and my website? I know I can create two distinct streams right at the origin, but for bandwidth purposes, that is something I want to avoid...

Any advice?
Sv Bell
Sv Bell | Black Flag TV
Midnight Movies. 24h a Day™
Broadcasting live since 2010!
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Re: Protecting a Roku stream / web hotlinking

Hello svbell, I have run into a similar situation and wanted to know if you were able to resolve this?
If so how?

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Re: Protecting a Roku stream / web hotlinking

I've got similar situation, has anyone found a possible solution? or workaround?
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