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Problem using ComponentLibrary

Hi guys, 

I have Roku custom library, and I can successfully load it into the my project runtime. But I want my component to extend component from downloadable library. Here is the link of documentation that tells it is possible ... entLibrary

<Component name="customComponent" Extends="Library:Component">

But when app is start from main.brs it's scanning all components from package "components" and gives me an XML parse-in error. So if this is not working why not remove from documentation or do you know how to extend library component? 

Thank you
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Channel Surfer

Re: Create Roku Custom Library

@aram-cbs Wow, thanks! I had no idea we could publish external libraries for SG. 
I can't answer your question, but at least now I know this feature exists.
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Roku Guru

Re: Problem using ComponentLibrary

It should be working. Perhaps you are confused about what "Library:Component" above means? I added a note on usage, does it help?
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Re: Problem using ComponentLibrary

"RokuNB" wrote:
It should be working. Perhaps you are confused about what "Library:Component" above means? I added a note on usage, does it help?

hi RokuNB,  sorry for "summoning" this old thread, 
i have a doubt; it's posible to create a library component from a brightscript? some thing like:
mycomponent = CreateObject("roSGNode", "Library:Component")
i've triede the above sintaxis but it doesn't works, so i wonder how could do someting like that?

Forget about it, the sintaxis above is working perfectly, the problem was a typo. XD
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Binge Watcher

Re: Problem using ComponentLibrary

When i package my component library some times it says.Capture.PNGAnd than doesn't get library from my server? What is the reason?


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