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Roku PNG decoding

Hello Developers,

I am currently working on an application for Roku that needs to display PNG images using the RoScreen object. (code added below).

I am encoding a 1280*720 image by the png specification (outside of Roku) according to the PNG form but I still can not see the images displayed on Roku devices while it is showing on win 10, Unity, browsers, paint and more... 

My question are:

  • Are there any specific requirements from a png image to be displayed in this manner in Roku? 
  • Is there a difference between Roku PNG decoder (on Roku devices) and any other standard PNG decoder in the industry?
  • Could you tell what needs to be done to be compatible to Roku standards?


m.tmpfilename = "tmp:/srn.png"
    m.screen=CreateObject("roScreen", true, 1280, 720) 
    m.msgport = CreateObject("roMessagePort")

    m.screen.drawobject(0, 0,m.newPNG)

link to the PNG - PNG 

Any insight would be appreciated. 

Thank you!

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Level 21

Re: Roku PNG decoding

How are you getting the PNG into tmp:/srn.png?  Have you verified that it's stored properly?  Print m.newPNG.

print m.newPNG

Does it print "invalid"?  There's stuff in your code that is irrelevant.  What is "m.fullUdpPic"?

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