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Playback bandwidth bottleneck issue


I'm having issues with video playback that keeps buffering every 3-5 seconds and I would like to get a proper explanation on why this is happening.

I'm currently using the Insignia Roku TV for debugging the channel and have used the Video scene graph node for playback and in every content, both vod and live there's a bandwidth bottleneck in it.

I researched in Google and found that apparently all other apps in Roku has the same problem; AT&T, Youtube, Plex and so on. Customer support said that the wifi router is the cause of this bottleneck but I don't believe thats the case cause bandwidth is around 10Mbps. Same bandwidth that a Youtube content on my PC can play without any buffering issue

Relevant thread below ... nd#p389850
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Re: Playback bandwidth bottleneck issue

I set the AdaptiveMinStartBitrate to 10 on the video's content metadata and there is no buffer loading UI, but instead there's a black blip happening in every 3-5 seconds. Its a bit of an improvement but it is still annoying to see
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