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Performance Monitoring


New to Roku development and still swimming through the website's SDK pages. I was able to get my development environment up pretty quick and to do some basic playing around with on-boarding some of your sample apps. Pretty nice from what i've seen so far.

One thing i'm specifically looking for is the ability to gather as much info as possible when the channel is in use. One area in particular is performance data when the player is encountering difficulty. So for example:

  • If the input buffer is empty due to content/file segments not loading fast enough

  • If there was an issue/error with the elementary stream like corrupted of unreadable MPEG frames

  • Incorrect PCR timer

  • Incorrect bitrate

  • If the player stops for anything other than a user pausing or exiting

  • Lower level transport issues like dropped or reset TCP connections

  • Parsing issues for playlist

  • Name resolution issues
Is there any way to obtain details like those described above? If so, is there a way to build the channel so that it sends it (ideally by POST) to a specified FQDN or IP address?
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Re: Performance Monitoring

The video component has a lot of data points you can get info from. RSG Video  You can either write to the console or post it to a service via UrlTransfer

Here is a free tool I have to help with your development. Roku Dashboard

hope this helps and good luck!
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Re: Performance Monitoring

You can get some analytics from the Video node, but it may not provide the detail you expect. The fields streamInfo, bufferingStatus, and streamingSegment should be helpful. 
Most of the error messaging is cryptic at best. Roku's internal codes are seemingly random negative numbers, which aren't documented. Take a look at the page @brianstegman linked to. Notice the errorCode, errorMsg fields offer no information on what values to expect. 
In the deprecated video event, you get a few scraps of error code documentation: ... layerEvent
In reality, you have to develop using trial and error if you want to handle specific cases beyond "video error happened".
If anyone from Roku can offer some real error code documentation, I would be happy to eat my words, I've just never found it.
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