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Packaging & channel appearing on Roku box

Hello, perhaps this is a very stupid question but I am very new with Roku so please forgive me. I have been trying many different things to get my channel to show up on my Roku.

There seems to be a problem with my packaging because I can upload the already zipped videoplayer example and it will show up on my TV. However, when I zip up the non-zipped videoplayer example, upload it and package it, it does not show up on my TV/Roku. I am not changing anything in these examples.

I had originally tried modifying the videoplayer example to make my own channel but after running into this problem with my own example, I decided to do the bare-bones experiment with the original videoplayer example. If I don't get past this simple step I can't create my own channel. Please help!!

I successfully generated the genkey etc. several times, but it does not help.
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Packaging & channel appearing on Roku box

The process of creating a Private channel:

1. upload zip to roku
2. encrypt with your key ("Packaging")
3. Save from your Roku to your hard drive.
4. Create a new channel at
5. Enter the name, short and long descriptions, categories in which it may appear and any requirements
6. Upload two images, SD and HD formated .jpg files
7. Upload your saved package from your hard drive.
8. click the channel code that was generated when you uploaded your package, and add the channel to your account
9. Open the Roku Channel Store on your device
10. Exit the channel store. This will trigger an update that should put your channel on your Roku.

Creating a Public Channel will be 90% the same, except you will submit the channel to Roku, were we will review it, provided feedback and request changes or bug fixes we require you to make before we can approve your channel for publication.

- Joel
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Level 8

Re: Packaging & channel appearing on Roku box

It sounds like you're creating the zip file with the wrong root directory. See this post.

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