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Binge Watcher

OS 9.2 breaks MarkupList functionality


Device: Roku Ultra 4640X

OS: 9.2 Build 4131-29

1. MarkupList

We are setting `vertFocusAnimationStyle` to `floatingFocus`. The focus should be on the first item when list renders.

On 9.1 and earlier the list renders correctly.

On 9.2 the focus is hidden, pressing down button scrolls the list but the focus is not visible and the list goes beyond its rendering area. We applied quick hack: = - 1 = 0

It fixes the list positioning and focus, but it's still a temporary workaround.

Did anyone face such issues?

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Roku Guru

Re: OS 9.2 breaks MarkupList functionality = 0 ' whatever is visible at the top = 0 ' quick scroll now to the actual top first item

If you animate to item before the jump to item it does a slow clumsy animation to the spot.


If you do the animate to item after the jump to item it does it fast and immediately.


If you are already at the visible top then have it animate to the very top. It does this quick and immediately. This works around the problem that has existed in various firmwares for this problem.. lol.

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