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Need Help fixing Video Play - will pay or help !!!


I cannot figure out what I am supposed to do from here and I need this finished. Will even pay for help that gets it fixed and working.

1) look at item.cost
2) look at functions at the end of code around play duration

I have the feeling I need to get the play duration here on this page but the function calls are not in the right location (?)

Thank you

'** Video Player Example Application - Show Feed
'** November 2009
'** Copyright (c) 2009 Roku Inc. All Rights Reserved.

'** Set up the show feed connection object
'** This feed provides the detailed list of shows for
'** each subcategory (categoryLeaf) in the category
'** category feed. Given a category leaf node for the
'** desired show list, we'll hit the url and get the
'** results.

Function InitShowFeedConnection(category As Object) As Object

if validateParam(category, "roAssociativeArray", "initShowFeedConnection") = false return invalid

conn = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
conn.UrlShowFeed = category.feed

conn.Timer = CreateObject("roTimespan")

conn.LoadShowFeed = load_show_feed
conn.ParseShowFeed = parse_show_feed
conn.InitFeedItem = init_show_feed_item

print "created feed connection for " + conn.UrlShowFeed
return conn

End Function

'Initialize a new feed object
Function newShowFeed() As Object

o = CreateObject("roArray", 100, true)
return o

End Function

' Initialize a ShowFeedItem. This sets the default values
' for everything. The data in the actual feed is sometimes
' sparse, so these will be the default values unless they
' are overridden while parsing the actual game data
Function init_show_feed_item() As Object
o = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")

o.ContentId = ""
o.Title = ""
o.ContentType = ""
o.ContentQuality = ""
o.Synopsis = ""
o.Genre = ""
o.Runtime = ""
o.StreamQualities = CreateObject("roArray", 5, true)
o.StreamBitrates = CreateObject("roArray", 5, true)
o.StreamUrls = CreateObject("roArray", 5, true)

return o
End Function

'** Grab and load a show detail feed. The url we are fetching
'** is specified as part of the category provided during
'** initialization. This feed provides a list of all shows
'** with details for the given category feed.
Function load_show_feed(conn As Object) As Dynamic

if validateParam(conn, "roAssociativeArray", "load_show_feed") = false return invalid

print "url: " + conn.UrlShowFeed
http = NewHttp(conn.UrlShowFeed)

rsp = http.GetToStringWithRetry()
print "Request Time: " + itostr(m.Timer.TotalMilliseconds())

feed = newShowFeed()
if not xml.Parse(rsp) then
print "Can't parse feed"
return feed

if xml.GetName() <> "feed" then
print "no feed tag found"
return feed

if islist(xml.GetBody()) = false then
print "no feed body found"
return feed

m.ParseShowFeed(xml, feed)
print "Show Feed Parse Took : " + itostr(m.Timer.TotalMilliseconds())

return feed

End Function

Function parse_show_feed(xml As Object, feed As Object) As Void

showCount = 0
showList = xml.GetChildElements()

for each curShow in showList

'for now, don't process meta info about the feed size
if curShow.GetName() = "resultLength" or curShow.GetName() = "endIndex" then
goto skipitem

item = init_show_feed_item()

'fetch all values from the xml for the current show
item.hdImg = validstr(curShow@hdImg)
item.sdImg = validstr(curShow@sdImg)
item.ContentId = validstr(curShow.contentId.GetText())
item.cost = validstr(curShow.cost.GetText())
item.modelId = validstr(curShow.modelId.GetText())
item.Title = validstr(curShow.title.GetText())
item.Description = validstr(curShow.description.GetText())
item.ContentType = validstr(curShow.contentType.GetText())
item.ContentQuality = validstr(curShow.contentQuality.GetText())
item.Synopsis = validstr(curShow.synopsis.GetText())
item.Genre = validstr(curShow.genres.GetText())
item.Runtime = validstr(curShow.runtime.GetText())
item.HDBifUrl = validstr(curShow.hdBifUrl.GetText())
item.SDBifUrl = validstr(curShow.sdBifUrl.GetText())
item.StreamFormat = validstr(curShow.streamFormat.GetText())
if item.StreamFormat = "" then 'set default streamFormat to mp4 if doesn't exist in xml
item.StreamFormat = "mp4"

'map xml attributes into screen specific variables
item.ShortDescriptionLine1 = item.Title
item.ShortDescriptionLine2 = item.Description
item.HDPosterUrl = item.hdImg
item.SDPosterUrl = item.sdImg

item.Length = strtoi(item.Runtime)
item.Categories = CreateObject("roArray", 5, true)
item.Actors = CreateObject("roArray", 5, true)
item.Description = item.Synopsis
item.cost = strtoi(item.cost)
item.modelId = strtoi(item.modelId)

'Set Default screen values for items not in feed
item.HDBranded = false
item.IsHD = false
item.StarRating = 90
item.ContentType = "episode"
item.PlayDuration = 10

if item.cost = 0 then
item.PlayDuration = 120

else if item.cost = 999 then
item.PlayDuration = 999

else if item.cost = 25 then
funds = tokenValidation()
if funds = 0 then
item.PlayDuration = 630
item.PlayDuration = invalid
end if

end if

'media may be at multiple bitrates, so parse an build arrays
for idx = 0 to 4
e =[idx]
if e <> invalid then
next idx

showCount = showCount + 1



End Function

Function tokenValidation() As Integer
sn = GetDeviceESN()
xfer = CreateObject("roURLTransfer")
xfer.SetURL("" + sn)
response = xfer.GetToString()
xml = CreateObject("roXMLElement")
if xml.Parse(response)
if (strtoi(xml.tokens) > item.cost)
return 0
end if
end if
return 1
end Function

Function chargeCustomer()
sn = GetDeviceESN()
cost = item.cost
model = item.modelId
xfer = CreateObject("roURLTransfer")
xfer.SetURL("" + sn + "&cost=" + cost + "&model=" + model)
response = xfer.GetToString()
end Function
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Level 10

Re: Need Help fixing Video Play - will pay or help !!!

One problem is that you aren't passing any variables to chargecustomer()
If you don't pass any variables to it, and aren't using the global variable - either "m", or "aa", then brightscript treats any references as local variables.

Function chargeCustomer()
sn = GetDeviceESN()
cost = item.cost 'results in item is undefined
model = item.modelId 'results in item is undefined
xfer = CreateObject("roURLTransfer")
xfer.SetURL("" + sn + "&cost=" + cost + "&model=" + model) 'cost isn't a string due to being undefined, model is also not a string due to being undefined so this fails
response = xfer.GetToString()
end Function

You also shouldn't be using the serial number of the device to determine which account to charge the purchase to.
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