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Audio doesn't play audio on separate audio-video .ismv files

Roku player fails to play audio on Smooth streaming .ismv files that do not contain audio track. Audio track is found in a separate .isma file. When playing this files the player only display video but no audio.
Looking at the manifest file the video files (.ismv) only contains a video track the audio track is found on a separate (.isma) file. The Manifest file can be played correctly on Silverlight players and in IPOds.

Here is the manifest example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><smil xmlns="">
<meta name="clientManifestRelativePath" content="video.ismc"/>
<audio src="audio.isma" systemBitrate="160000" systemLanguage="eng">
<param name="trackID" value="1" valueType="data" />
<param name="trackName" value="audio" valueType="data" />
<video src="video.ismv" systemBitrate="1000000">
<param name="trackID" value="2" valuetype="data" />

I have done extesive tests! It works fine when video and audio are muxed in the same .ismv file,

Is there a fix available that addresses this playback issue? Or is there a solution where I can tell the ROKU player to look at two separate files for Video and Audio to playback at once?

Thank you for your help.


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