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Level 7

MultiLive Channel SDK

Greetings to all,

I have downloaded the multi-live-channel sdk, in this version the playlist is embedded in the file: components/config.brs which forces you to package everything together, what changes should I make to the SDK receive the list from a remote xml file?


Kind Regards.
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Level 11

Re: MultiLive Channel SDK

It's a fairly trivial change you'll have to make, to read a JSON file with roUrlTransfer and then parseJSON() it. (I recommend doing JSON instead of XML, because easier).
There is only one hindrance i foresee and that's ... ne.brs#L18
I think m.array is not used outside the next line so you can as well hard-code the behavior based on knowing if you have 1 or >1 lines. Or you can do it right but will have to learn more details on RSG.
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