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Modal over roScreen has black background

Anytime I try to show a modal, roChannelStore, etc type of screen from an roScreen.. it shows either a black background or a cropped view (showing the header area). Is this a bug or do I need to re-render the screen somehow?
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Re: Modal over roScreen has black background

roScreen is not compatible with standard components. Its a bit tricky to use both roScreen and the standard components in the same application. If the roScreen is on top of a standard component then there is no problem. Just invalidate it to return control to the component stack. But to place a standard component on top of an roScreen yields unpredictable results. You generally will use a liaison-facade or go-between to close (invalidate ) the roScreen and keep the channel from exiting. This could be an imagecanvas or paragraph screen. In any event there is a flickering between changing the two stacks. You see roScreen has its own window stack that is maintained apart from the component screen stacks. Would be nice if there was complete API control over things like the channel store that woukd circumvent their built in dialogs and allow 2D programmers to provide a complete 2d experience
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