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Troubleshooting ideas for Roku device reset during streaming

I am a new Roku developer with about 5 years Android development experience.
I am working on a channel to play PlayReady encrypted, Smooth Streaming Live content.

I have both PlayReady encrypted, Smooth Streaming VOD and unencrypted Smooth Streaming Live playing fine on multiple Roku devices.

However, when playing the PlayReady Encrypted Smooth Streaming Live content, occasionally, the Roku device appears to do a hard reset.
I would like to troubleshoot this issue to determine the cause.

I suspect it may be a fault in the Live stream, but on my Android app, it plays fine (not that that means much).

Please if you have any ideas, how I could monitor my Roku to determine what is causing the hard reset even if it is just seeing a SIGSEGV on the Linux kernal or something, that would help.

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