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Reel Rookie

Key Rotation issue with Widevine CDM 16.4

We are testing ROKU devices with live HLS Widevine encrypted content using Shaka packager. We noticed that while key rotation works well with ROKU devices with CDM version 15.3.0, it fails with those that have CDM version 16.4.0. 
Does 16.4.0 change anything on key rotation implementation details, or this is a known issue with ROKU player?
We tested with both Roku Ultra 4660X (CDM version 15.3.0), and Roku Ultra 4640X (CDM version 16.4.0). The later, starts correctly video/audio rendering at tune, at the second key update video rendering fails.
  • Shaka packager version 2.4.3 using Widevine KeyServer.
  • Signer widevine-test.
  • License server UAT (Test).
  • Protection scheme cenc (CTR)
  • key rotation period 10 minutes.



Reel Rookie

Re: Key Rotation issue with Widevine CDM 16.4

While Key rotation has no issues on our Android based players (Exo player). The same content still fails with ROKU devices I mentioned above.
The error on our ROKU device happens at the start of the second crypto period with error message "No valid bitrates". We verified that the key request at our License Proxy occurs, and a license response with the correct crypto period is returned to the ROKU player.

New tests included:

- Content using Entitlement license generated from Widevine key server.
- Protection scheme cbcs.
- Tested with both VoD and Live HLS content.

All the above fails.

We are willing to provide privately test urls to ROKU team in order to help further looking in this issue.



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