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Reel Rookie

Keep Splash Screen While Code is Running

Hi everyone. I want to keep the splash screen image there while my app is running a GET request task to get data and then the rest of the code. I tried to set splash_min_time=5000 in the manifest file but realized the task is not run while the splash screen is on. I also tried to run the task in main.brs by creating the task node before showing the scene, but it freezes at the splash screen. What is the right way to achieve what I need?

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Keep Splash Screen While Code is Running

You want to use "splash_min_time=0".  Don't bother with a task.  Just use roUrlTransfer for your GET and start the SG stuff after the transfer finishes.

Note:  I haven't tested this, but I believe it's how it's supposed to work.

Roku Community Streaming Expert

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Roku Guru

Re: Keep Splash Screen While Code is Running

Use the splash_min_time=0 to get rid of the static splash. Then you can run the splash in SG inside your application. Add the images and add that required to do so in the pkg. Then you can have an animated splash while your roUrlTransfer stuff goes on. Even updating the animation "progressive disclosure" style and have it show a progress bar if this is downloading a lot of things. Depends really on what you are doing and how the user is supposed to interact with your application if at all.

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