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JSON Loop A Video/Movie


I was wondering if there was a function within JSON to loop videos and or movies? (Video restarts after ending).

I am currently using a simple JSON code file with a category and a few videos under it.

Thank you in advanced.

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Re: JSON Loop A Video/Movie

What is the context of your question?  Are you building a channel with the SDK or Direct Publisher?  Either way, JSON is a data exchange format.  It does not provide executable code.

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Re: JSON Loop A Video/Movie

"Either way, JSON is a data exchange format.  It does not provide executable code."

Thanks, that's pretty much what I was looking for.

I'm using a Direct Publisher using JSON. I remember I used an alternative format from a website called instanttvchannel for Roku a while back. I was able to get videos and or movies to loop using that. I would assume this type used SDK and SDK allows functions like Looping videos?

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Re: JSON Loop A Video/Movie

hi @Brandon_Health  for this type of things i use a live feed  - and when i need i loop a video or more and when i want i just go live with what ever content need to be on the channel. 

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