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Binge Watcher

Issues with videos not showing up, not playing.

So I've been trying to create a channel for our church and sometimes I feel like I'm making progress, then something else happens and I'm back at step 1.


Earlier this evening, I was finally able to update my json file, and both of the links for the videos I'm using for testing came up.  The MP4 video played fine, but the live stream link doesn't do anything.  When I select it, it will spin for a few seconds, then returns to the screen.

The live stream is a m3u8 file and I am selecting HLS as the format.

Now, I've changed the duration of the live stream just troubleshooting to see if that would help, and now neither of the test videos show up when I go into the app on my Roku.  I do the refresh on the feed status screen, and it shows that both video links are ingested with no errors, but nothing shows up on the screen anymore, just the Search and About boxes.

I've spent hours and hours working on this, and I can't seem to get anywhere.  Hoping someone could point me in the right direction.



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Reel Rookie

Re: Issues with videos not showing up, not playing.

Did you ever get any help?  I am having the same issues, and no one to help me.

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Roku Guru

Re: Issues with videos not showing up, not playing.


You have not posted any details about the issue you are having so no one can help.

If it is a direct publisher issue you may have better luck on that forum.

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