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Issue updating text name


I tried to update my channel couple weaks ago and I got this issue from the developers deparment

saying that I need to change the name to update my channel, this is the message:

*P1: naming-consistency - Channel text says: "Veracidad" on the Roku home change from “Veracidad” to “Canal 10” same as the manifest.

I've been looking in your website for that section but I can't find

could you help me with this and tell my where can I find this area.

this is the channel:
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Re: Issue updating text name

This is duplicate of topic.php?f=34&t=97291 - next times pls don't open new topic, just continue the existing one.

The message they sent is cryptic - but since i can see that 92304 is "Chanel 10", that just means that in the manifest file you have "Veracidad" as channel name - mismatch like what i told you earlier. Find the "manifest" file in the app root directory, edit it to match the name, re-package and re-submit. 
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