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Is this type of application possible with the API?


I am looking to update an application we have to use Roku boxes and wanted to find out if this was possible with Roku API before I spend too much time diving in..

Our application is to play information videos to patients in a dental office. In a typical office there are 10-15 TVs in different rooms. Right now we are using WD Live media players but those are starting to age, so I am looking for something to replace them. There is a linux server in the office which contains the videos and serves them up via HTTP. On that same server is some web based software we wrote to allow someone to pick what video gets played on each TV. The software basically sends HTTP requests to the WD Live boxes and instructs them to play a video at a certain URL. There are additional HTTP requests for obtaining the current status of the player (what video is playing, position, etc), and also seeking the video to a certain position. The patients actually never interact with the media player itself. The inter

So, is this possible with Roku and the new Roku media stick?


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Re: Is this type of application possible with the API?

Some assembly required, but yes - it is doable.
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