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Installer Error - Help! (Multi-Live template)

I downloaded the multi-live-channel zip from the Roku blog, opened it, packaged it and tested it and it worked fine. However, as soon as I open the Config.brs and make ANY changes to it, i get the following error up re-installing: 

Install Failure: Error parsing multiple XML components (HomeScene, RowListContentTask)

In fact, even if I make NO changes to it and resave it into the source folder, I STILL get the same error.
Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?
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Roku Guru

Re: Installer Error - Help! (Multi-Live template)

It is the ,gitignore file causing this in the directory,
Either remove the file or 
remove this line ".out/" in the gitignore file OR 
rename the line in the manifest file to "title=MultiLive2"
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