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IP address of .ts endpoint


I'm gathering video data for analytics and I need to obtain an endpoint IP address where segments are being downloaded from.
In documentation we have only SegUrl field. I'm creating a roUrlTransfer object to last SegUrl value or m3u8 URL and wait for the response to obtain the target IP address, but I can't trust this data because response could be obtained for completely different CDN node (load balancers).

Is there a way to obtain an actual source IP address where current segment was downloaded from?

Thank you.
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Level 7

Re: IP address of .ts endpoint

Actually there is a IPAddress field in segment info object on roVideoPlayerEvent, but this field is always empty.

> ? msg.GetInfo()
<Component: roAssociativeArray> =
   Bitrate:  3770528
   BufferLevel:  0
   BufferSize:  0
   DownloadDuration:  3512
   SegBitrate:  3770
   SegSize:  2897088
   SegType:  0
   SegUrl: http://<URL>
   Sequence:  0
   Status:  0

Are there any plans to fill this field?
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