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Reel Rookie

Public Key Endpoint only Exposes 1 Public Key [ROKU-PARTNER-SERVICE-2021-08-05-10-20]

Hey Roku community, I'm trying to decode webhook messages, but I'm running into a problem where the name of the key "kid" in the message payload is "ROKU-PARTNER-SERVICE-TEST-2023-09-29-17-16", but the link for Roku's public keys doe NOT contain this value, only "ROKU-PARTNER-SERVICE-2021-08-05-10-20".

How am I supposed to decode the message if there is no public key available at the specified endpoint (

Documents used to come to this conclusion:



Result: {"keys":[{"kty":"RSA","alg":"RS256","kid":"ROKU-PARTNER-SERVICE-2021-08-05-10-20","n":"tGgfIclcR9fLoz0w3yXOJytTMKI5zht9i2utQnllirQvXVc-tH8y9LVVdMNzsHZWm-aTUeTwV2hzXvP7FnuBMaMXe5ZkGXbY8f-VmPTWFZCyKUVV4gZaxt3SArpKBpM2jOqveljyiHNxc6cXHmIY-cr6uXn7je-S9BygPNr7oTCDb0GGw-Y7uWCPi5ZMY91q57exSxN1TtjbGI1Af2-voFMBA6UMIfbkERPmxhYNSvPqLyF3QEYhpAn5LC10pDxNC0JGo5giheL0Nlp4mNlaoVJ6bdcr1hCJrsoT-pYPBv9T8G5T2YoO20egPbAtjIelMiJOUbp3gi32YgcpYl8G8w","e":"AQAB"}]}

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Re: Public Key Endpoint only Exposes 1 Public Key [ROKU-PARTNER-SERVICE-2021-08-05-10-20]

It looks like JWT-secured push notifications is relatively new.  I either never noticed it or decided I didn't need it and forgot it existed.  I do notice this note:

"This feature is currently in controlled availability. Contact Partner Success to enable JWT-secured push notification testing for your developer account."

It looks like for testing you want to use , but I don't see that "kid" there either.

That URL was found here:

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