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How to use the .PKG file?

I am new to Roku development.  I have side loaded channels.  and packaged code into a .PKG file.  I have also created a private channel, however, I wanted to commit my "packaged" code to the new private channel.  How can I do that?  Also, can the scripts loaded for a private channel be replaced in one way or an other?

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Re: How to use the .PKG file?

You might want to ask this in the developer's forum..This is the general forum.
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Re: How to use the .PKG file?

It's pretty straight forward. You will have to re-submit your channel for publishing every time you want to update your channel with new code. This goes for private or public channels. Follow these steps:

  1. login to your account and go to the developer dashboard

  2. go to Manage My Channels

  3. find the channel you want to update and select Preview and Update

  4. from the dropdown in the breadcrumbs select Package Upload

  5. fill out the form, and upload your .pkg file, then click Save

  6. it should take you to the Static Analysis step next; if not, select it from the breadcrumb dropdown

  7. click Analyze

  8. wait for the analysis to complete. you should receive an email when it's done, or you can keep checking back. It usually only takes a few minutes.

  9. select Preview and Publish from the breadcrumb dropdown

  10. click Submit for Publishing

Since it's a private channel, it should be published with your changes immediately. You will have to do a system update on your Roku device (or wait until the next automatic update) to see the changes.
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