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How to test store purchases on side loaded channel?

I haven't been able to find documentation on how to test purchases on a side loaded channel. I understand how to add items to the store, how to set a private channel to be used for billing testing, and how to set up test users. However, if something goes wrong, I have no way of knowing what went wrong since there is no access to the debug console when testing a private channel. The only link I found in Roku's documentation is broken:

If you are new to creating in-channel products and running them as a side-loaded channel on a Roku device, see the tutorial in Roku Billing and In-Channel Purchasing[/url:3u3zzlhh].

Does anyone know where to find the proper documentation on testing product purchases on side loaded channels? Or can anyone explain how to do that?
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Level 9

Re: How to test store purchases on side loaded channel?

From ... g-products

This new feature makes it easier to test channels integrated with Roku Standard Billing in a side-loaded channel by providing access to the developer console for debugging and logging real purchases against the Roku Channel Store.
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