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How to obfuscate brightscript code


We want to deliver customer with a library . combination of brightscript files  and tasks.  What is best way to do without letting customer access to our source code. 
Do we have any concept similar to java JAR file where in we add jar and can import files and use them?  Something like sub project(a package is delivered to customer )

Or Do we have any tools that can obfuscate brightscript code and make it minified...
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Re: How to obfuscate brightscript code

the short answer is no, there is no way to obfuscate code you deliver as a library.
SceneGraph supports a library component, downloadable at runtime, but I have never tried it:
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Re: How to obfuscate brightscript code

Thanks for the response. i will have a look into Component library
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Re: How to obfuscate brightscript code


I am using Component Library but somehow I am not getting Keyevents in my library.

I have tried add just "onKeyEvent" function in sample application available at  ""

Can some one please help how to use "Function onKeyEvent(key as String, press as Boolean) as Boolean" in library.

Appreciate if someone can help quickly as due this I am stuck.

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