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How to know Roku have issues when rendering Subtitles

When Roku devices were updated from Firmware Version 9.1.0 to 9.2.0, there were changes around subtitle i.e rather than just WebVTT being pulled from the dash manifest, we were seeing TTML also. 

With TTML there are issues rendering subtitles while playing back related assets.

I set the `subtitleTrack` within the `subtitleConfig` which is part of the video content node meta:


videoContent = createObject("roSGNode", "ContentNode")
subtitle_config = {
   TrackName: <subtitle uri>
videoContent.subtitleconfig = subtitle_config


There is a means to know the current track being played back using the `currentSubtitleTrack` within the 'subtitleConfig' of the video content meta. I am looking for if there is a suitable way to capture errors for cases when there are issues with rendering subtitles?

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