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How to identify the current user?

This seems like an obvious question, but I couldn't find any info on it.

I am trying to allow a user to subscribe to a monthly VOD channel, but I am having trouble understanding how I identify the roku user (as opposed to device)

Is the correct method to get them to agree to share their roku email address via the popup, I register that with my server and also store it in my roku app's secure registry. Then on app startup, retrieve it from the registry? This isn't very secure as what if they change their email address etc.? 

Or is the idea that everyone implements a web based registration system that links to roku devices and roku purely deals with the payment processing?
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Re: How to identify the current user?

Correct, email can change - so i wouldn't.

What i would do - if using Roku payments - is use the `purchaseId` returned by roChannelStore.doOrder() - or a subsequent `getPurchases()`, see sample dump at
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