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roImageCanvas :: TargetRect is not working properly

hi,  I have an issue. I'm using roImageCanvas for making text input field with a keyboard. So from the document, we have roImageCanvas attributes - TargetRect.  Here it is not working with width.

I don't know what is the reason.
Here is my code

canvasRect = this.canvas.GetCanvasRect()


 m.Bwidth = canvasRect.w
 m.BHeight = canvasRect.h
txtArray = []

            Text: "anything"
            TextAttrs: {color: "#000000", font: m.Myfont, HAlign: "Left"}
            TargetRect: {x:int(.44*m.Bwidth), y: int(.325*m.BHeight),w: int(.3375*m.Bwidth), h:int(.0879*m.BHeight)} 

Here w: int(.3375*m.Bwidth) is not working. If i change the value, it is not accepting. Please help me to resolve this issue.
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