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Roku Screen Layouting

I have started working on pre-defined components in roku like poster screen , grid screen etc... still i have few doubts on these.

1. is Possible to customize the roku inbuilt components(poster screen , grid screen) ? 
2. is Possible to layout the screen like below attached image ? like in one parent div having multiple child divs . is any other way to achieve this?

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Level 11

Re: Roku Screen Layouting

There was a related question recently, see viewtopic.php?f=34&t=97430

The ro-components cannot be customized. Each of them - by and large - is a full-screen UI. As such you cannot fit them inside divs or frames in a bigger screen. Customization is limited to theme-ing (colors, fonts, images), no inner re-arrangement.

You either have to use the available ones - or for advanced layouts you can use roImageCanvas, roScreen or RSG (roSgNode & co) - listed in order of increasing difficulty.
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