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Roku Guru

How to get the latest RAF in the build??

I have included these in my manifest  

also, in the task, 
Library  "Roku_Ads.brs"

but in the logs i see the version as 
Roku_Ads Framework version 2.0427

and in the SDK docs :
it shows the version as 2.4? Are these same??
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Streaming Star

Re: How to get the latest RAF in the build??

This is the correct way. Must be something wrong with the number in the docs. 
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Roku Guru

Re: How to get the latest RAF in the build??

They are the same.

The string "2.0427" represents RAF 2.4.27.
major version 2, period, 2-digit minor version (04) followed by 2-digit patch version (27).
or if you want to think that in Python,
>>> '%d.%02d%02d' % (2, 4, 27)
We wanted to have a monotonically increasing version number, both as number and string comparison. Some day we may change it to "2.04.27", who knows - given that val("2.04.27") works. Don't rely on particular format - and avoid doing checks by version number - there are better "duck typing" methods to ensure compatibility if you have to, like checking if function or field exist.

We also have a beta version of the next coming RAF version available, interested developers can inquire access from us. It installs like regular app and can be deleted the same way. Comes with "no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose", as with any beta software :P. And we don't publish feature list in advance.
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