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Re: How to get link for Vimeo Pro files???

I remember those days.... expecting to just find a piece of code to complete my hobbled together project. Let me offer some advice....

If you want to build a channel, but not code, try one of the many services out there that offer such things.

Since you are posting here, you probably don't want to pay for such services. If that is the case, you need to set aside the time to learn the development of the platform. This will take a few hundred hours, maybe more.

Running a channel is a lot more complex than just adding some video links and a few lines of code to an app. There is a lot that goes into it, so either you pay someone else to do it, or you spend the time figuring it out on your own. There is no silver bullet to make it happen.

This forum is a great place when you get stuck on an item of code, just don't expect a full app for free.
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Re: How to get link for Vimeo Pro files???

Can anyone break down the xml URL for me?  For example, looking at the URL above, we have: ... ae612eb8a5

Sorry for my ignorance, and I'm actually willing to pay someone to help me, but .....
I’m an API newby and completely illiterate when it comes to developing this.  I did create a Vimeo App, but have no clue, and sorry for my ignorance, on what to do with it.  I have the Client Identifier, the Client Secret, Authorize URL, Access Token, and have no clue how to create the URL I need to plug into my ROKU xml feed. All my content will be public.

Is there someone that can walk me through on how to create the URL?  Once I have it down, I most likely can take it from there and set the other URLs up for the rest of my videos in my feed.

Thank you
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