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How to escalate Roku developer support tickets??

How do you escalate tickets with Roku developer support??  Roku owes us 5 months of back payments!! Every time we try to reach out someone quickly responds that they're "looking into it," but then they just ghost us!  I've tried repeatedly to get them to respond to tickets but they never do.  At this point we're looking into filing legal action.

Roku Guru

Re: How to escalate Roku developer support tickets??

There used to be a time when the developer portal showed us what our current revenue was, but it didn't provide a detailed format like the current portal does.  Unfortunately we have to use a spreadsheet to calculate everything along with predictions for the month and year.  You'll probably have to download the Sales Activity or Payout reports and present them in some kind of spreadsheet format easy to read.  Parner Success has never, as far as I recall, done much without being forced by nagging, and any help you can provide the perhaps overworked employees, might help you get your funds.

The Payout Settings disaster has probably caused thousands of channel owners to be in arrears because they didn't notice the warnings to get the new IRS forms submitted promptly.  Roku did extend the deadline I think to Dec 15, 2023?  You still have time to go to the Payout Settings page(s) and hopefully make it through all that considering numerous developers including me hounded the he** out of Roku to fix the broken web forms so we can get paid promptly.

My advice is to Nicely nag Partner Success every 2 days but not with brief requests but rather complete explanations that Roku is late, behind, in default, on your payments, and here's the invoice in spreadsheet format.  That's the only way you're going to get them to act, in my opinion.


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