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Level 7

How to Scroll Focused Rowlist Label Text

I am using Row List. I need to scroll my focused row list item label text. As of now I used ScrollingLabel. But While using this type I am getting like, all item list label text are scrolling automatically. So now I need scroll label text only on focused RowList ItemLabel Text. Thanks in advance

Here is scrolling lable :
      id = "itemText" 
      maxWidth = "196" 
      text = ""
      horizAlign = "center" 
      vertAlign = "top" />
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Level 10

Re: How to Scroll Focused Rowlist Label Text

You should be able to set the default "repeatcount" to 0 so they will all be set to not scroll, and then set to -1 for the focused list after display.  Alternately set the "scrollspeed" to 0.

One of those two should do what you ask.
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