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Level 7

How bad is it to save playback positionevery 30 sec?

I have seen an example (forget where)
that had set notification perdio of 30 secs then savein the registry the location
something like this:

else if msg.isPlaybackPosition() then
nowpos = msg.GetIndex()
if vidContent.bookmark_reg<>invalid
RegWrite("someid", nowpos.toStr())

My question is - presuming this save saved in flash and flash has limited life - how bad is saving this every 30 seconds vs using the
"isScreenClosed" as mentioned in

Presume that I wont actually get a notification of a closed screen if home button is pressed or crash - where
the 30 seconds save becomes beneficial
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Level 11

Re: How bad is it to save playback positionevery 30 sec?

See this thread for previous discussion on the subject:

I have been asking for years for "OnExit" kind of event - even went into minute details on the implementation to avoid "loopy" behavior,
see viewtopic.php?f=34&t=58576&start=30#p487482
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