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Show Roku Serial Number in XML

hi guys,
i'm developing a small roku application. i want to put the device serial number of the client for authorization.
once the user open the xml with device serial , it will check check if that particular serial number exist in our mysql database.

so i want to show it like this <-- here need to show the roku serial

here is my bright script code

Function livechannel(id as string, title as string)
screenFacade = CreateObject("roPosterScreen")
if id = "1"
liveurl = ""
else if id = "2"
liveurl = ""

this = {
topics: livedata(liveurl)
port = CreateObject("roMessagePort")
poster = CreateObject("roPosterScreen")
poster.SetBreadcrumbText(title+" Live Channels","")
While True
msg = wait(0, port)
If msg.isScreenClosed() Then
return -1
Else If msg.isListItemSelected()
lang = this.topics[msg.GetIndex()]
End If
End While
End Function
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Re: Show Roku Serial Number in XML

roDeviceInfo.GetDeviceUniqueId returns the serial number.

However you should read ... gistration and ... nd+Linking. Using the device serial number for authorization is strongly discouraged. Among other issues, it makes it impossible to de-authorize device, it makes the authorization carry along with the device if it is sold to another person, and it means factory reset doesn't restore the device to a pristine condition if they later reinstall your channel.

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Level 7

Re: Show Roku Serial Number in XML

hi i get that.
can you tell me where to place the device id
can you code it for me ?
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