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Roku Guru

call component function only possible via interface?

When a component defines some function via <source> tag or inline. How can I call a function of the script in the context of the component?

Seems I can only do that by changing an interface fiel and register an onChange callback, correct?
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Roku Guru

Re: call component function only possible via interface?

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Binge Watcher

Re: call component function only possible via interface?

I think you mean the <script> tag, and you should be able to call any of the functions in an included .brs file in your init, and while an observed field is, I think, necessary to initially call a function within an included file, I believe that called function should be able to call anything else within files included via the script tag. So if your onChange callback is a function named "DoSomething" -

function DoSomething()
print "something"
end function

function DoSomethingElse() as integer
print "something else"
return -1
end function

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Roku Guru

Re: call component function only possible via interface?

Hi Joel,
thanks for your answer, but that was not, what I meant:

Let's take this example script of a Vd


<script type="text/brightscript" >

sub init()
end sub

function setVideo() as void
videoContent = createObject("RoSGNode", "ContentNode")
videoContent.url = ""
videoContent.title = "Test Video"
videoContent.streamformat = "hls" ="musicvideos") = videoContent = "play"
end function


My question is, whether I can call setVideo() from somewhere else then the init() or an onChange-Callback which changes, when the intefacefield changes.

So instead of this:

node.myInterfaceField = {url: ....} ' // trigger setVideo

do this:

node.setVideo({url: ....}) ' //

I am probably talking about having "interface functions".
at the moment it seams I have to have interface fields in order to trigger functions..
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