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Channel Surfer

Re: How Do I Start Developing a Channel?

"rockland" wrote:
Please someone answer my previous question.

How can I force 16:9 video aspect ratio? It's defaulting to 4:3.

You should start a new thread, instead of hijacking this one. That aside, you can't change the aspect ratio on the Roku. If it's 4:3 and should be shown as 16:9, then something is wrong with the encoding.
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Re: How Do I Start Developing a Channel?

I want to start a new channel, but do not know how, who can help me and how much I would charge for it? Thanks and regards! please contac
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Channel Surfer

Re: How Do I Start Developing a Channel?

Perfect topic for what I wanted to talk about.

I started messing around with developing a Roku channel last night.

The "Hello World" example I found first was useful in demonstrating how to upload stuff to your Roku, but aside from that it was utterly useless. But then again, was writing a "Hello, World" program ever satisfying? Or useful beyond the very important step that at least you learned how to compile and execute a program and maybe a small bit of syntax? (BrightScript is scripting - they aren't even compiling it!)

The tutorials all seemed very slim and seemed to expect us to just dig into the BFM (Big Effin' Manual) to grok all the details. Apologies if I missed a link to better tutorials or documentation. I'm sure the reference manuals are great reference manuals. That doesn't make them useful as a tool to learn though.

But there were other good examples.

And by example is how I've learned a lot of what I know about programming. To look at the results and stare at the code and understand how they did that is better than explaining in detail what each statement means (at least at an introductory level).

videoplayer was much better because that's what I really want to do. I want to host a bunch of videos and stream them to my TV, many of which are stored on hard drives.

Why don't I just use Roku Media Player?

That would be too easy!

But I saw how that works and it works fine, but all the links to the videos and all the descriptions are hardcoded into the XML files on the server.

What we really need now is a program that will generate these XML files...and I'm sure there probably is one.

It's one of those ideas that I had for a split second...."I should write this tool" followed quickly by "I'm sure a hundred other people have already written this tool."

"And quite possibly one of them even might have done a good job."
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Re: How Do I Start Developing a Channel?

"RokuJoel" wrote:
This may be due to the size of your screen - if you put that dialog on a larger monitor and stretch the top or bottom, you should see the Template field.

- Joel

Hi Joel,
Have installed all roku libraries in eclipse Kepler, and dint find any templates
tried to increase the view port of project create window and still the result is same

Thanks and Regards
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Binge Watcher

Re: How Do I Start Developing a Channel?

Did you install via the instructions on the Blog: ... se-plugin/

That should get you the latest plugin. When you create a new project you have the option to select some scenegraph templates. Note that you might have to stretch the dialog box to see everything in it:

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